This is the story of a homeschooling city girl, trading in her Saks 5th life of luxury for farm tack and homesteading! My family, new farm critters and I will share our successes, failures and crazy stories during this new chapter of life!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friday, July 1, 2011

More Farm Pictures!


Farm Updates!

It has been SO long since I've updated our farm blog, I thought I'd share a set of pictures from our Facebook site with you!  You don't need a Facebook account to view them!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Farm Updates!

Soon, we will have all the goat's milk, eggs, meat chickens, honey and goat cheese you could need!  Our second Saanen goat just gave birth to two adorable babies, and I will be getting 2 gallons of milk per day!  our 1/2 gallons of goat milk sell for roughly the same price a tiny PINT costs at the grocery!  So call today, and get your orders in!

Thank you for your business!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I was in Mary Jane's Farm!

Did you know that I'm a celebrity?  OK, not really... but I was in one of my favorite magazines, Mary Jane's Farm!  If you've never read Mary Jane's Farm, pick up a copy... You can be a farmgirl, even in you live in a flat in NYC!  It's the mentality that counts.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New milking goats!!

We are thoroughly enjoying Joy and Bella, our newest additions to the farm!
They are Saanen Goats, and Joy is currently giving us almost a gallon of milk... and she arrived less than 24 hours ago!

Snowmageddon 2011

During Atlanta's Snomageddon 2011, our animals made their own plans.
Our chickens stayed in their coop.  They had no desire to get out and get wet in the cold snow and ice.  They never received the memo that during the freezing cold, their egg production should slow!  No one could come and pick up eggs, so our refrigerator became overrun by yummy, huge, brown and white, healthy chicken eggs!  We certainly didn't complain- and we ate our fair share of eggs over the snow break!  It's too bad Io isn't milking yet, because we did run out of milk during this time!

A snow and icicle covered Io paced restlessly, and slept where ever she could find a dry spot.  She pulled hay out of her bale and laid in it.  She paced in circles under a tree, and laid in the spot she eventually cleared. 

Astro also had no plans on leaving his pen.  When Dan opened his stall door, he looked at us like we were nuts, and turned his back to us.  I can't really say I blame him.  There was a lot of snow.

The pygmy goats stayed in their pen, with no desire to stomp in the snow.  Tumnus is still too small to venture out, and hawks have taken up residence in the top of the tree inside the goat/chicken yard while the snow covers their usual food choices.  He would easily get carried away, so he stayed inside with his mom.

Here are some pictures of our winter wonderland on the farm.